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Resort Name: Palau Sipadan-Kapalai Resort
Resort Address: P. O. Box 61120, 91021
Resort City: Tawau
Resort State: Sabah, East Malaysia
Resort Zip:
Resort Destination: Borneo
Resort Country: Malaysia
Resort Ocean/Sea: South Pacific
Resort Phone: 6089-765200
Resort E-Mail: info@sipadan-kapalai.com
Resort URL: www.sipadan-kapalai.com
Resort Comments: A few minutes by boat from the islands of Sipadan and Mabul but a full world away from it lays the exhilarating Sipadan-Kapalai Dive Resort, sitting on its sturdy stilts on the shallow sandbanks of the Ligitan Reefs. Planned and built in full style as an airy, comfortable, sunny water village with no land in sight, it boasts a mile-long sandbank of powdery white sand where one can suntan at complete leisure while gazing out to the miles of brilliant turquoise stretching into the horizon offering the purest image of natural serenity.
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