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Resort Name: Nautilus Dive Tech
Resort Address: 20 De Noviembre Y Melchor Ocampo
Resort City: Cabo San Lucas
Resort State: Baja Cal Sur
Resort Zip: NA
Resort Destination: Baja California
Resort Country: Mexico
Resort Ocean/Sea: Pacific
Resort Phone: +52 624 143 006
Resort E-Mail: info@nautilusdivetech.com
Resort URL: www.nautilusdivetech.com
Resort Comments: Cabo’s premier dive center is located in the heart of the downtown area. The 850 square meter facility is much more than a local tourism. It was built to train and serve all levels of divers. Click on any service link to see more information. At Nautilus Dive-Tech we know the importance of a safe dive boat. Our boats are loaded with High Tech instrumentation for exploration and all the essential emergency equipment. Both vessels are outfitted with night diving requirements, as well as boat to diver communications. Whether we are heading off shore, staying close to home, or going on an excursion, our dive boats are equipped to handle it.
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