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  Name: The Pathways Hotel  
  Address: 718 Pathways Blvd  
  City: Colonia  
  State: Yap  
  Zip: 96943  
  Destination: Yap Island  
  Country: Federated States of Micronesia  
  Ocean or Sea: South Pacific  
  Phone: 691-350-3310  
  E-Mail: pathwaysres@gmail.com  
  URL: www.pathwayshotel@gmail.com  
  Comments: The Pathways Hotel offers a unique and different style of accommodation in Yap Micronesia. Locally built after Yapese architecture, using local materials and combining modern amenities for comfort and safety, The Pathways cottages have come to be known to our guests as their own private "tree house". Yap Island is one of the last islands in the Pacific that still clings to its cultural values despite many foreign occupations. Scuba Diving has recently put Yap on the map as one of the worlds top destinations. Manta Rays has been a big attraction to Yap inviting many scuba divers around the world. Aside from diving, there lots to see and do in Yap. Hiking, Mangrove Kayaking, Traditional Canoe Sailing, Sports Fishing, Island Site seeing are among the many things you can enjoy and see in Yap. Yap is located only an hour and half away from Guam and 45 minutes from Palau by air. Yap is easily accessible through Continental Airlines via Guam and Palau.  
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