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  Name: Rocio Del Mar  
  Address: 4355 W Indian School Rd, Suite B  
  City: Phoenix  
  State: Arizona  
  Zip: 85031  
  Destination: SOCORRO ISLANDS  
  Country: Mexico  
  Ocean or Sea: Pacific  
  Phone: 602-272-2522  
  E-Mail: info@rociodelmarliveaboard.com  
  URL: www.rociodelmarliveaboard.com  
  Comments: Dive and interact with the friendliest giant mantas in the world. At Socorro, these giants choose to interact with divers. They come in very close, sometimes less than 1 meter, make eye contact and then swim along beside you, totally on their terms. It is very likely that bottlenose dolphins will also move in close and intimate to divers during your trip. Shark sightings are also very good at Socorro Island with common sightings of silky, galapagos, hammerhead, white tip and silver tip sharks. Humpback whale sightings and whale sharks are possible in season. The 3 islands that we regularly visit are: San Benedicto, Socorro and Roca Partida. The Socorro Islands are accessible from November through the end of May on the Rocio Del Mar. For more information contact Dora, owner, at dsandoval@rociodelmarliveaboard.com  
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Comment Date: 4/21/2013 Name: Xandra and Joe Laskowski
overall a good dive boat but the dive deck was smaller than other dive boats we have been on and the galley was in the bow of the boat which was not a good area for it. the dining area should have windows and a view. we were very disturbed with the dive accident and it was apparent none of the crew was in charge or had any medic training to deal with a dive accident. we have been on other live on board boats where an accident has occurred and the crew and captain were fully trained an in control. the rocio del mar must perform full muster and prove they are dive master trained and there is a trained medic on board at all times when divers are on board.

Comment Date: 4/21/2013 Name: Tom Gorman - Gorman Dive Adventures and Travel
Just got back from the Socorro Island diving off the Rocio Del Mar. It was a great trip. Dora and her crew really took care of us. The boat had a little trouble with the fist crossing, high seas, but that is expected of any boat with 20 ft. wave. The cabins were clean and comfortable. Twice a week they changed your towels, but would do more often if asked. The have 3 cabins that have beds for couples, you should know that, can't split the bed to make 2. Showers were small and their warm water was on the right, not the left. Remember that! Food, not buffet style, but each meal was individually planned. The cook was a Master, best meals I have seen on a Live Aboard. You did not feel like you pig out and gain weight, but walked away full! They offered beer and wine for free and you can bring your own adult beverage on board! They had plenty of soft drinks and water. Let them know if you have any food that you need to avoid and they will accommodate you! The back diving deck had plenty of room. Each diver had their own station. The need small buckets for each divers small stuff. The had 2 showers on the rear deck, 1 warm and 1 cold. You dive off of inflatable’s, but the had LADDERS! They have ALU 80’s and a few shorter takes for the ladies if they asked. They pump NITROX. They filled the tanks quickly, but there was plenty of time between dives that you did not get a shot or hot fill. If your tank was low, they would immediately fill it! Their Dive briefings were short, but you dive around some pinnacles so no need to give a briefing before every dive. The camera table was adequate but not for lager cameras, we had only one, most had GoPro’s since most of the action was going to be big! They have 110 current and plenty of sockets to plug your batteries into. They had room below the table to put your camera storage boxes. This trips is great value for your money, but remember that the water is in the 70’s and you should dive a 5 mil or better. Also, the 1st and last crossing is about 22 hours long, so bring a book or stay in your cabin and rest!

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