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  Name: St. George's Caye Resort  
  City: Belize City  
  State: Belize  
  Destination: Belize  
  Country: Belize  
  Ocean or Sea: Caribbean  
  Phone: 800-813-8498  
  E-Mail: office@gooddiving.com  
  URL: www.belizeIslandparadise.com  
  Comments: Nice quick boat ride gets you to St.Georgs Caye Resor out of Belize City.  
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Comment Date: 3/4/2014 Name: Tom Gorman III
Have you ever been to Belize? I just got back from a familiarization trip to Belize to check out a resort and their dive operation. I normally do these trips to check out resorts before I plan a trip and ask my friends to join me. This particular destination was St. George’s Caye just 20 minutes away by boat from Belize City. St. George’s Caye is a small island located just 15 to 20 minutes by boat out of Belize City. Most other destinations need a second air flight to get to them, sometimes costing up to $250. Some resorts are located up North out of Belize City to Ambergris Caye. Other down South having to fly to Dangriga and then by shuttle past Hopkins. This too cost up to $200 added trip cost. Few resorts in Belize are inclusive of meals, you end up paying a premium just for your daily meals at local restaurants that may be near by the resort you may be staying at. Now for St. George’s Caye, they are located on a small island and the only resort on the Island. They have their own nearby reef, which is just minutes away and are able to get to quickly the outer reefs of Turneffe Atoll and the Big Blue Hole. They have several dive boats, largest allows up to 14 divers aboard. They are acquiring a larger boat this year that may hold up to 20 divers. They offer a variety of scuba classes and offer valet type diving where they take your gear to the boat, set it up for you, or allow you to do your own set up on the boat. At the end of the dives, all you have to do is take your personal items and cameras and they will take the rest of your gear off the boat and rinse it thoroughly and hang it to dry for the next day. They will even clean your mask at the start of day diving! You can do up to 4 dives per day, which can include a Night Dive. The resort is constantly being up graded and improved. They just recently added an outdoor eating area so that you can view the open seas and see the sunrise in the mornings! They have 6 rooms in the Main lodge, 4 Oceanfront Cabanas face the Caribbean Sea and border the white sand beach, 6 Over the Sea Cabanas afford you a premium location over the water on our unique circular dock, 2 Ocean view Cabanas amid lush gardens. They offer; Kayaks, Hobie cat sailboats, windsurf boards and snorkel equipment are all included in the resort’s nightly rate. The friendly staff is always available to provide instruction, guidance and helpful tips. Local fishing is available and those really needing to relax, they have a spa to allow you to get Swedish Massages at an added cost! We did 9 dives and were supposed to go back to the main land for some land excursion that they offer, but due to rains that happened to down pour the week before the rivers were overflowing and not safe for their Cenote tube rafting. Other tours available are; Howler Monkey tour, Jungle Zip lining, Mayan Ruin tours and the spectacular Belize’s Zoo. Their meals are served at the main Lodge. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are served buffet style and are some of the best meals that I have had in the Caribbean. The first night there they had an outdoor BBQ where the guest were treated with a camp like fire with chairs sitting around the fire and being served a chef’s inspired Belizean cultural cuisine; lobster, shrimp, chicken and ribs. Plus we were served salad, local beans, and vegetables. We ended the night with an amazing homemade dessert! I am looking to plan a trip back sometime in 2015, would love to have you join me on another great Dive Adventure! Come and join Gorman Dive Adventures in Belize and try some great diving for 2015. www.diveadventures.net (Article helped by St. George’s Caye website, pictures by Tom Gorman)

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