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  Name: SS Thornfin  
  City: Weno  
  State: Chuuk State  
  Zip: 96942  
  Destination: Truk Lagoon  
  Country: Federated States of Micronesia  
  Ocean or Sea: Pacific  
  Phone: +691 330-3040  
  E-Mail: seaward.thorfinn@gmail.com  
  URL: www.thorfinn.net/  
  Comments: Truk Lagoon with its warm tropical conditions, sheltering islands and reefs make it one of the most comfortably accessible scuba dive locations in the world. This sheltered part of Micronesia has diving and wreck diving suiting all divers, from shallow snorkeling, down to deeper wrecks (still within recreational limits) for more advanced divers. There are minimal currents within the confines of Truk Lagoon and consistent good visibility, making the diving easy and accessible for any diver. Penetrations and dive depths are nominated and customized to the comfort, needs and experience level of individual divers.  
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