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Shop Name: Harrisburg West Shore Scuba
Shop Address: 203 Valley Rd
Shop City: Enola
Shop State: Pennsylvania
Shop Zip: 17025-1650
Shop Destination: Pennsylvania
Shop Country: USA
Shop Ocean/Sea: NA
Shop Phone: 717-836-7699
Shop E-Mail: westshoredivers@gmail.com
Shop URL: https://www.westshorescuba.com/
Shop Comments: We are very busy getting wet from so much time in the water. We are loving it, but need to towel off and tell you about us. So, here is the skinny (for the time being). Meet Ron Willis, shop owner and IDC Staff certified. He is very close to being Master Instructor certified. And we had Nicole Richardson, Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT). We are missing Nicole as she moved back to Kansas City to help her mother. Then we have Mark Houser, MSDT. Mark does a lot of the Penn State classes (closed to the public) and is a big fan of Ice Diving. Our next instructor is Dr. Terry Z who also teaches at Penn State. One of our newer MSDTs is Randy Meinke. It's odd calling him new when he is one of the older staff. We now have Nasir Emadi and Mark Chudley, our first two (of many) Assistant Instructors. We also have many Divemasters that we need to tell you about. For now, come dive with us
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