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  Name: Kapu Kai Divers, Corp.  
  Address: 4112 Elwood Rd  
  City: Spring Hill  
  State: Florida  
  Zip: 34609  
  Destination: Florida  
  Country: United States  
  Ocean or Sea: Atlantic  
  Phone: 813-714-6818  
  E-Mail: stacey@kapukaidivers.com  
  URL: www.kapukaidivers.com/  
  Comments: Though newlly established, Kapu Kai Divers is the result of some long time dreams of a couple of very passoinate divers. Combined we have nearly 50 years of diving experience and been training other divers for over 17 years. We have traveled to many exotic locations around the world and have worked with other dive organizations to learn what other divers want in quality instruction and travel. Our goal is to provide thorough, personalized scuba instruction to each and every one of students. Let us help you discover our sacred seas, its exciting inhabitants and unravel its mysteries. Our StaffMike Johnson - padi DM Diving and the ocean is my passion. I was certified as a teen ager and I've never looked back. For 27 years I have been intrigued by the vibrant life to be found in the depths of the seas. I have been a Dive Master and working with students for more than 10 years. I am an advocate of the ocean and all of its inhabitants. I feel the ocean is a sacred place and we should strive to protect it. Although I have done extensive diving in Florida and throughout the Carribean, I have also dove in Indonesia and Hawaii. I look forward to sharing my passion with you. Stacey Alligood - padi mstd I've been diving for over 20 years and from my very 1st dive, I knew I wanted to dive for the rest of my life. I love seeing new divers with that same excitement when they surface from their first dive. I am blessed to live and dive in Florida and have had the great pleasure to travel around the world to places like Hawaii, Costa Rica, Truk Lagoon, Indonesia, Mexico, South Pacific, Australia, Belize, Turks and Cacois, Kosarea, Cayman Islands, Honduras, and the US Virgin Islands. I would love to help you experience a magical place, our oceans! Kapu Kai Divers offers small group classes as well as private instruction. However, every class is like a private class with one on one attention and consideration to each indiviuals needs. Once certified you will always be a part of our ocean family and will be invited on all of our local and exotic destination excursions. This experience can change your life forever!  
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