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 The owner of is Tom F. Gorman III, NAUI Dive Master #1852, SDI Dive Master #8538 and Travel Coordinator and owner of Gorman Diving Adventures and Travel CST-2065894-40. Tom has been in the dive industry since 1984. Tom has over 2500 dives and at least 1000 dives off the Southern California Coast.

 Tom has coordinated dive travel adventures since 1985 and has worked with dive training for the same amount of time. He has dived the local waters of Southern California and International waters of Mexico, Pacific, Caribbean, Red Sea, and South Pacific. He also worked four years on trying to develop a major dive destination and hotel complex in Central America. He works with tour operators, hotels, airlines and even some governments, promoting the dive industry.

 He has traveled to many destinations, visiting them more than once and staying at a variety dive resorts at the same travel locations. He knows which ones are worth re-visiting and which ones you should pass on. Diving has changed so much just in the past ten years, let alone over the past twenty years. We have had a change in who's diving, training, dive gear, travel and in the world economy. will try to supply you with informative information so that you can make your own decisions about diving.


We travel to the Caribbean, South Pacific, Pacific, SE Asia, Red Sea, Africa & Beyond....we offer dive travel for Individuals, Families and Groups!

Gorman Dive Adventures and Travel (CST-2065894-40)
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