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Set a Budget - Step 1

Set a realistic budget as to what you want or can spend for a dive vacation

Setting a budget is the most important thing to start with in planning a vacation of any sort. Depending on what you want to spend and what you can spend will make a big difference. Dreaming about those dream vacations are always things we must do, but, how we go about getting there and the cost, is very important.

If you have only so much to spend, don't get caught up in dreaming the un-attainable. For budgets under $1000.00, there are plenty of dive adventures that you can consider. Don't confuse the cost of a trip with getting there and having a good time.

There are many things to consider. Am I ready to go? (Pre-Planning) 1. Do I have all my own gear? (Will I have to rent?) 2. Is my gear ready to go? (Repairs) 3. What spending money will I need? 4. Are the any hidden costs that are not included in my package? (Departure taxes, transfers, food, drinks, tips, etc.) 5. And more…

So what is the cost of the trip? All the above and more, you need to decide what the total cost of your vacation and then plan from there. This way there are fewer surprises than you had planned for. There's a simple way to plan out your cost: 1. Pre-Trip Cost 2. Actual Trip Cost 3. Surprises

  1. Pre-Trip Cost: These are any costs that it takes to get ready and don't apply actually to the actual Trip.
    1. Things to bring: Clothing, Snacks, Cameras (film), Toiletries (See Things to Bring for more suggestions.)
    2. Gear & Repair
    3. Medical, Insurance & Government documents
    4. Transportation to and from airport
  2. Trip Cost: Actual cost of the trip - Air, Hotel, Dive Package (all that is included in your package)
  3. Surprises: Transfers that weren't included, tipping, personal purchases, departure taxes (airport), lost tickets, developing your film, the un-known

You need to decide how to break this cost down. Rule of thumb: 20%-60%-20%, reason being that getting ready for your trip should not be so expensive, that its not worth going on the trip. Most of your money should be going for the actual trip, so that it is the part that you remember.

So, if you are thinking $1000.00; then $200.00 is for Pre-planning, $600.00 for the actual trip package, and $200.00 should be set aside for the surprises. Now, you are looking at a $600.00 vacation package. Where do you plan to go? So, if you see a dive vacation priced out at $1600.00, figure another $640.00 for your budget.

Timing - flexibility - be able to work with what is available

Look at your vacation time, can you get away mid-week? Or, can you add days to your trip leaving on a weekend. Taking the Red-eye saves money and time. What holidays fall during your timing for vacation? Can you extend a business trip? (you are already there)

Price guarantees - Trip Insurance

Traveling at certain time of the year offer certain pricing guarantees. Including your air package with your land can give you certain discounts. Trip Insurance, can save you money if you need to cancel your vacation due to sickness, airline problems, changes in the itinerary, trip delays, missed connections, lost baggage. Suggested sites: Diving Links


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