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Set a Time - Step 2

Determine a time of year when you can get away, this will help to determine just where you might want to go. Many things need to be considered, like - Weather, is it? - Dry, rainy, stormy, windy, what hemispheres you will be in, that makes all the difference.



  1. Different parts of the world will determine on when you may want to travel. Looking at the National and International weather sites will help to decide if it is a good time to visit certain places around the world.
  2. Traveling below the Equator or past the International dateline can change when you may want to go. Below the Equator seasons reverse when traveling to places like: Australia, Indonesia, Micronesia and Malaysia. Their winters are our summers and these change when they have their dry and rainy season.
  3. Storm seasons are critical, you must be aware of these times. Hurricanes and typhoons are normally seasonal and can be avoided, but some storms just happen. The Caribbean, Pacific Mexico and South Pacific are known for major storms. Checking the Weather sites and just knowing the months that typically are the major storm times will save a vacation.

Airline blackouts and packages offered from different resorts - High / Low Seasons
Airline blackouts happen at different times of the year and for different reason. All big airlines have blacked out certain days for frequent flier travel. Generally, those blackout days fall around major holidays-July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to New Year's, with maybe a few additional days. Normally prices for tickets at these times are also bumped up because it is a desired time to travel.

High / Low Season are based normally when resorts find themselves looking for customers. This normally occurs when it is a season change. High Season is normally when resorts are crowded and people are traveling. Low Season is when weather and time of the year brings in fewer vacationers. Resorts tend to drop their prices during this time and raise them during the High Season. Checking the time of year that resort is in may save you some bucks!

Multiple resort destinations may have different check in and check out times

Arriving at a resort at the wrong time can cause long delays. If you are going to more than one resort, checkout and check-in time may be something to consider. Flying into Tahiti and arriving at night to catch the ferry over to Morea, can be an 8-hour delay. Make sure you have made arrangements for a stay at a local hotel or motel till your check-in at your end destination is available.

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