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Selecting if you wish to make all the plans or use the services of an expert to do the job is important - Step 4

  • Most major operations around the world have their own presence on the Internet, of which you can go and book your dive vacation. But that means that you have to book the whole trip - land, air and dive. Sometimes there are packages available where you can book one, maybe two of the legs, but, not always all three parts of your vacation without spending a considerable part of your time doing so.
  • There are several reasons to consider a professional dive travel specialist - they have done hundreds of similar packages, they are aware of the destination you are looking at, they know the airlines, they have contacts that may make the whole trip even more exciting.
  • Some tour operators offer discounts, if you are a frequent customer, for: airlines, resort packages and other added activities as well. Go to Diving Links to book all your travel needs.

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