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Make the reservation at your destination first, if it is a: Live Aboard, Dive Resort or Hotel with a dive package add on. - Step 5

  • Book your room or berth first, because many destinations have limited space. See if they have room for a single or group, depending who you are traveling with.
  • With most tour operators you can book up to a year in advanced or just a week or two depending on their own inventory.
  • If they are doing the booking for you, they can arrange the airline at the same time and may have bulk airfares. If you have mileage, it may not be compatible with the wholesalers bulk airfares. Always ask if you can use your mileage. It may end up costing you more trying to use the mileage.
  • Make sure you have enough time between flights and upon arrival to your destination; you have time to get you land legs back and acclimate to the local time. For live-aboard trips, try to arrive a day early, it helps in case of lost luggage.
  • Go to our booking department and get started at planning you next vacation. (Diving Links)
  • Also look at our up coming trips if you want to join a group of experienced divers and join in on the fun. (See Our Adventures)

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